Baby It's Cold Outside !

Jan 26th 2019

Winter in it's worst in finally upon us and it's time to pay special attention to one of your dog's most sensitive organs- their nose. We found a great post on 5 Dog Nose Facts You May Not Know which we wanted to share-

5 Dog Nose Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Through your dog's respiratory function of their nose they release keratin which is the same building block of their nails and fur. The amount of keratin release is different for every dog but over time it results in a scaling and scab like deposit on your dog's nose.

We know the condition well given our experience with English Bulldogs and we have developed our own propriety product to remediate excess keratin buildup- Bulldog Depot Select Nose Nectar.

Apply daily for 5 days and the scaling will soften so you can gently assist removal by picking scales off revealing a beautiful rejuvenated nose.

Available in 3 sizes. Order yours today!

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